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Kasuga Way Cover Wipers

Kasuga MR K55 Machining Center Way Cover Wipers

These machining centers use a special polymer material in the way cover wipers. The manufacturer stopped making them a few years ago. Once we ran out of that material, we had to find another way to keep the machine’s way covers working correctly. We researched a number of companies that manufacture way cover wiper materials, and just couldn’t find anything off-the-shelf that would fit. Because we were unable to find any more way cover wiper material to purchase, we bit the bullet and had an extrusion die made for this special shape material. We then purchased a large sized quantity.

Material For Rebuilding

It takes between 75 and 90 lineal feet of way cover wiper material do rebuild both the X and Y axis way covers. We now have the way cover wiper material in stock for the Kasuga MR K55 (and Quantum) machines, and are willing to sell the material in 275′ spools, which will do three machines easily, or a single machine three times (Quantum measurements unknown). We are also willing to sell the material in 90′ coils, in case someone wants to only purchase enough to do one machine, with a little left over to replace an extra strip or two down the road.

Cost Effective Pricing

At this writing, the material cost for a 90′ coil will be $300.00, or just over $3 per lineal foot. We are offering a full 275′ coil at a cost of $625.00, or just over $2.25 per lineal foot.

All prices are FOB Minneapolis, MN.

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