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Park Precision Machining is committed to meeting your CNC / Machine Shop needs. We offer close tolerance CNC Milling, Drilling, Tapping and Turning on state-of-the-art Precision Machining equipment. We commonly work with a wide range of materials suited to different industries and specialize in both short to medium run productions and prototypes.

29 years has given us a great deal of experience providing our services with a distinguished record. Every order receives impeccable care and you can count on us to do the best work in an exceptionally timely manner.

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Engineering Perfection

CNC Engineering | Minnesota
We can take your great designs and manufacture them efficiently, with consistently high quality.

Bullseye Precision

Precision CNC | Minnesota
One big thing that defines us is our capability to produce products with extreme accuracy.

Empower Your Industry

CNC Industries | Markets
We serve a broad range of industries throughout the US and beyond.

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    CNC Machining Minnesota | Precision Machining

    Minnesota CNC Machining

    Park Precision Machining was founded in Spring Lake Park, MN in 1984. Our dedication to our customers’ needs has allowed us continuous growth. Since then we have grown steadily into our current facility in Minnesota.

    USA CNC Machining

    National CNC Capabilities

    We can ship CNC projects wherever you desire and can run production at competitive prices.

    CNC Services

    CNC Milling | Minnesota


    Our machines are capable of simple and complex jobs. This includes contouring and diesinking in vertical axis.

    CNC Drilling | Minnesota


    Another service we provide is high-speed and accurate drilling and tapping from large to small diameters.

    CAD & CAM | Minnesota

    CAD/CAM Programming

    With SURFCAM, GIBBSCAM, and BOBCAD we can go right from the programming & design stages to the production aspects of a project with ease.

    Engineering CNC | Minnesota

    Engineering & Design

    We have our own experts on hand to help optimize plans or create new ones.

    CNC Tapping | Minnesota


    Another service we provide is high-speed and accurate tapping from large to small diameters.



    State of the art computer numerical control machines with multi axis capabilities enable us to create your parts with ease.


    Tool & Fixture Design

    Our qualified experts can help create and manufacture all kinds of tools and fixtures for your specific needs.

    Misc CNC | Minnesota

    Additional Services

    We do a bit of everything including: Precision Surface Grinding, Thread Milling, Mechanical Electrical & Hydraulic Assembly, and Welding.

    CNC Parts Examples

    Precision Machining


    We are proud of the work we do and here’s a little taste of our craftsmanship .

    See Our Work arrow


    Precision CNC Machining

    Associations & Certifications

    Production Sizes

    CNC Machining

    Production Sizes

    Prototype       1 – 2 Parts
    Short Run       2 – 25 Parts
    Medium Run   26 – 250 Parts

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    • CNC shop owner is asked how many people work at his facility. He says about half.
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