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Supplying manufacturing solutions to meet our customers’ ever changing needs!

Our experience makes us a desirable supplier/partner to industries that include, but are not limited to Medical, Aerospace, Computer, Agriculture, Recreation, Food Processing, Energy, Transportation, Specialty Equipment, Construction Equipment, Oil Field Equipment, Consumer and other leading-edge industries. Park Precision Machining, Inc. serves these industries throughout the US.

Providing prototype and short to medium run production machining requirements for sophisticated applications is our specialty. Having electrical and air drops placed throughout the shop allow us to easily move machines to create efficient and effective modular work stations. Modular work stations and various other innovations allow us time to focus on quality and efficiency.

We offer experience in processing many materials including carbon, alloy, stainless and tool steels as well as most non-ferrous materials including many grades of plastic. We have seen an increase in Aluminum castings for machining.

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